Embedded Systems

A scalable risc-v hardware platform for intelligent sensor processing

by Paul Palomero Bernardo, Patrick Schmid, Oliver Bringmann, Mohammed Iftekhar, Babak Sadiye, Wolfgang Mueller, Andreas Koch, Eyck Jentzsch, Axel Sauer, Ingo Feldner, and others
In 2024 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE), pages 1–5, 2024.


This paper presents a demonstrator chip for an industrial audio event detection application developed as part of the Scale4Edge project. The project aims at enabling a comprehensive RISC-V based ecosystem to efficiently assemble well-tailored edge devices. The chip is manufactured in Globalfoundries’ 22FDX technology and contains a RISC-V CPU with custom Instruction-Set-Architecture Extensions (ISAX) for fast AI and DSP processing, a low power neural network accelerator, and a scalable PLL to fulfill real-time processing requirements. By automated integration of these specialized hardware components, we achieve a speedup of ×2.15 while reducing the power by 27% compared to the unp[ntimized solution.