Embedded Systems

Impacts of Image Compression on the Detection Quality of a Novel Real-Time Image Processing Platform

by Jannik Mehrke, Georg Volk, Yannik Stumpp, Oliver Bringmann, and Anestis Terzis
In 2023 IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (IEEE ITSC 2023), 2023.


Cloud-based data processing latency mainly depends on the transmission delay of data to the cloud and the used data processing algorithm. To minimize the transmission delay, it is important to compress the transferred data without reducing the quality of the data. When using data compression algorithms, it is important to validate the impact of these algorithms on the detection quality. This work evaluates the effects of image compression and transmission over wireless interfaces on state of the art neural networks. Therefore, a modern image processing platform for next generation automotive processing architectures, as used in software defined vehicles, is introduced. The impacts of different image encoders as well as data transmission parameters are investigated and discussed.