Embedded Systems

DFG SPP 1835: RESIST arrives in phase two

The second phase of the DFG SPP 1835 CoInCar started – and we return with our follow-up project RESIST II.

Functional safety of fully automated and autonomous vehicles is one of the main challenges of the upcoming years. A fully automated vehicle must not only remain in a safe driving state under ideal conditions, but also in the event of unforeseen situations. The use of cooperatively interacting strategies further complicates ensuring sufficient resilience against these unforeseeable situations and unexpected disturbances. To qualify a vehicle with fully automated driving functions in accordance with ISO 26262, it currently has to complete one billion test kilometers on the road.

The aim of this project proposal is to advance a significant portion of the application to a simulation-based verification process instead of real test drives in order to enable early resilience evaluation. The advantages over real driving is the possibility of exploring a wide variety of environmental conditions in their variety of parameters in order to uncover specific borderline situations in addition to considerable time and cost savings. Cooperative perception methods and their resilience evaluation under varying environmental conditions and sensor influences are to be researched.

Read more about our project on the project page.