Embedded Systems

A Comparative Analysis of Camera Interface Protocols between the Pico PIO State Machine and SPI

Master’s Thesis / Student Research Project


The integration of cameras into embedded systems plays a crucial role in various applications, including robotics, IoT devices, and industrial automation. Efficient communication protocols are essential to facilitate seamless data transfer between cameras and microcontrollers.

This thesis should aim to conduct a comprehensive comparative analysis of camera interface protocols, specifically focusing on the Pico PIO (Programmable Input Output) state machine and Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). By exploring the advantages and limitations of each protocol, this study seeks to provide valuable insights for enhancing camera integration in embedded systems.


[1] RP2040 Datasheet


  • (Micro)Python
  • C
  • ASM
  • Development of low-level device driver (optional)
    • Successfully atteded “PULPA” (optional)


Bause, Oliver

Bringmann, Oliver