Embedded Systems

Accounting for the Special Role of Infrastructure-assisted Collective Perception

by Florian Schiegg, Anna-Lisa Rueeck, and Jörg Gamerdinger, Hugues Tchouankem, Edmir Xhoxhi, and Georg Volk
In 2023 IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (IEEE ITSC 2023), 2023.

Keywords: Collective Perception, Data Fusion, RSU, V2X


The number of traffic participants has increased exponentially over the past century, making a traffic accident the most likely cause of death for children and young adults today. Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication is regarded as one of the most promising emerging technologies to enhance road safety. It allows traffic participants to exchange relevant information to increase their environmental perception. Cooperative Awareness, a V2X service that is already being deployed in Europe, enables road users to share their dynamic states. Collective Perception (CP), currently in the final stage of standardization in the different regions of the world, enables the exchange of sensor-detected objects. The latter is thus not only relevant for connected vehicles but can further be used by sensor-equipped infrastructure to support vehicular perception, opening a whole new range of possibilities. The objective of this work is to investigate mechanisms to account for the special role of Infrastructure-assisted Collective Perception (ICP). Packet duplication is introduced for ICP to enhance the communication reliability. Additionally, different message generation rules prioritizing ICP are proposed and compared based on the enabled environmental perception. Simulations show significant improvements of the average precision, reaching an average increase of about 60% for ICP in comparison to V2V-based CP in scenarios with low connected vehicle densities.