Embedded Systems

Advanced Topics in Embedded Systems

Lecturer Oliver Bringmann
Oliver Bringmann

Lecture Mittwoch, 16-18 Uhr
Hörsaal 2, F122, Sand 6/7
Tutorial -
Amount 3 LP
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This lecture discusses current topics and trends in embedded system research with special focus on design, analysis and verification of embedded systems and Systems-on-Chip. The lecture starts with an introduction into embedded systems architectures and electronic system level design. Then, the latest developments in analysis of non-functional properties like timing, power dissipation, and energy consumption are discussed. The lesson on verification addresses formal, semi-formal and dynamic techniques and give insights into run-time verification using different languages for formal property specification. The lecture finally covers advanced semiconductor technologies as well as reliability and functional safety aspects.

  • Introduction
  • Embedded and reconfigurable architectures
  • Fast timing analysis and simulation
  • Power, energy and thermal analysis
  • Cyber-physical systems – sensors, actors and environment in the loop
  • Design space exploration
  • Formal, semi-formal and run-time verification
  • Advanced semiconductor technologies
  • Reliability and functional safety