Embedded Systems

Early Graph-based Resource Utilization Modeling

Bachelor’s Thesis / Student Research Project


Abstract modeling of HW/SW systems is a relatively new research topic. This technique aims to capture only the essential parameters of software and hardware that influence their timing behavior. Data-flow graphs of software used in high-level synthesis explicitly model how much software can be parallelized.

This student project’s goal is to use data-flow graphs and hardware resource constraints to get an early runtime and resource utilization estimation for the execution of neural networks on machine learning accelerator hardware.

An Example of a data-flow graph and its resource utilization estimation:

Data-flow Graph


  • Python
  • Successfully atteded the lecture “Grundlagen der Rechnerarchitektur” and/or “Entwurf und Synthese Eingebetteter Systeme” (optional)
  • Linux (optional)


Jung, Alexander

Lübeck, Konstantin

Bringmann, Oliver