Embedded Systems

Implementation of a Python Simulator for Abstract Computer Architecture Descriptions

Bachelor’s Thesis / Master’s Thesis / Student Research Project


Abstract modelling of HW/SW systems is a fairly new research topic. The goal of this technique is it to capture only the essential parameters of software and hardware which influence their timing behavior. At the chair for Embedded Systems the language for abstract modelling of computer hardware Abstract Computer Architecture Description Language (ACADL) has been developed which is based on the Unified Modelling Language UML.

An Example of a simple one MAC machine learning accelerator is presented here:


Goal of this student project is it to implement a simulator in Python based on the SimPy library that is able to cycle-accurately simulate simple computer architectures described in ACADL.


  • Python
  • Basic knowledge on discrete-event simulation
  • Successfully atteded the lecture “Entwurf und Synthese Einbetteteter Systeme” (optional)
  • Linux (optional)


Lübeck, Konstantin

Bringmann, Oliver