Embedded Systems

FPGA-Implementierungen von Teilen von Smart Grid Implementierungen/Tangle/Blockchain/Privacy/zk-Proofs

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Bachelor’s/Master Thesis, Forschungsmodul

We are currently looking for motivated students interested in contributing to several different research areas for our SecureEnergyConsumer project where we are trying to implement a secure information and communication infrastracture for decentralised energy systems on the basis of prosumers. These Prosumers use and operate various different distributed energy systems like solar power systems, controllable loads, batterystorages and electric charging stations.

For this we are trying to build a p2p communcation platform with the help of a Tangle as a decentralized database/logging infrastructure.

Example Projects

  • FPGA-Implementation of zk-Proof Algorithms


Groß, Christoph